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Rising Stars of Compliance


There’s also the issue of attracting recruits against the backdrop of the fusty image many have of compliance.

Active Optimus has recently launched a training programme aimed at recruiting the next generation of compliance professionals. Recruits will have the opportunity to move around inside the business, with exposure to a range of disciplines – including compliance – across the spectrum of financial services.

They will also receive leadership training and an opportunity to spend time in the Malta business, where they will learn about a different jurisdiction. “It will give them a fully rounded view of all of the consultancy services provided across the group,” says Walker.

He believes strongly in presenting company recruits with a vision for the future, in which the role of compliance moves up the value chain from being largely administrative.

Technology plays a key part in this. “There’s an ever-increasing burden of new rules and sanctions, but we don’t believe that the best use of your compliance officer is for them to focus on making sure everything is up to date,” says Walker. “Much of that work can be done centrally, with the updating in relation to sanctions and regulatory changes being automated in order to maximise efficiency.”