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Thematic Seminar Invite


The Active Group in conjunction with Optimus Group are pleased to invite you to our next Breakfast Seminar on Tuesday 12 June in the Dorey Room at St James.   Registration will open at 8.00 am, with the Seminar commencing at 8.30, and finishing at 9.30.  Pastries, tea and coffee will be served.

Is there a Theme here?

Regulators have been using Thematic Reviews for some time now to perform spot checks on financial services businesses and to understand how we operate and conduct our business. These reviews are often targeted on what Regulators consider to be current or emerging risks across a number of firms or sectors of the industry.  Regulators continually talk to each other and many of these themes are common to a variety of jurisdictions.

So whilst Regulators use Thematic Reviews to dig into the mind and management of the industry, we in turn can use their Reviews to see what topics are of concern to our Regulators and give us an insight into how they think our businesses should be conducted. This is helped no end by their publishing the findings of the reviews and especially where they give examples of practices they have uncovered.

How many of us have looked at the reports on the Thematic Reviews to see if our practices are listed as good ones? Who guiltily slides past the bad practices?  Who looks in horror at some of the good practices and dread that the Regulator demands this becomes standard practice?   Who does take them as standard practice and adapt processes and procedures to incorporate them?

At this Seminar, we will discuss the most recent Thematic Reviews from Regulators, including Guernsey, Jersey and Malta which cover both the investment and fiduciary worlds. We will tease out the themes that appear to be concerning the Regulators, as well as look at some of their findings, which even if not in our own jurisdiction often need consideration to meet our own Regulator’s expectations.

Sign up on the link below. Attendance will qualify as one hour of CPD.