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Help I need somebody. Not just anybody.


At an excellent seminar run earlier this year by Price Bailey, one attendee commented that a main obstacle to being able to grasp and build on business opportunities was resources. And by that, they clarified, they meant the very valuable resource of senior management time.

This struck a resounding chord with us as we are seeing people so bogged down in trying to resource various projects, such as due diligence reviews, CRS updates and GDPR implementation that they have no time to run the business.

But this shortness of time is not just a senior management issue; it can be all pervasive throughout the company. Staff assigned to specific projects soon find themselves back to doing their day job.   In that day job differing priorities and daily requirements often mean that some tasks get left behind.

This begins an almost inevitable spiral; project work piles up needing time to clear it through. Because clearing the project will take so much time, no one has the spare time to do it.  The project builds, and builds.  What was once a molehill becomes a mountain.   The once seemingly easy project now becomes an invisible yet weighty burden sitting on the Atlas like shoulders of senior management.

There is a simple solution to this. Get someone else to do it.  It really can be that easy.  An external contractor can be called in.  Their sole focus would be that project.  They will be able to throw multiple resources at it to chew through the mounds of paperwork and files.  They can pluck the weight of the world off your shoulders and give you back the time you need to run your business.

Or how about relieving the weight of some normal business tasks? Need someone to do your sanctions screening?  Want someone to attend your client Board meetings and write up the minutes?  How about reviewing and uploading the CRS and FATCA returns?

But who out there can provide this help…….?

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