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Handy with the Handbook


Christmas is over, and a New Year has begun. The GFSC gave us the new Handbook for Christmas, so to usher in the New Year at Active Optimus Group we made a New Year’s resolution.  That resolution?  To review the Handbook in minute detail on your behalf.

To honour that resolution we have trawled through the revised Handbook and noted all the changes made, noted the deadlines imposed, noted the new requirements and what these requirements mean. And you know what?  There are a lot of them.

From new appointments required to revising risk assessments. From new rules and new processes to controls and training required.  And we noted those deadlines.

The first deadline is 31 March; by this point you need to have appointed a Money Laundering Compliance Officer (“MLCO”). But what does the MLCO do?  Who can they be?  What responsibilities do they have?

At Active Optimus Group we know all of this and more. We have a team of professionals able to act as your Money Laundering Compliance Officer (alongside the already existing roles of Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer).  We can review your existing processes, we can rewrite your manuals, we can train your staff, we can advise changes to your Risk Assessments, we can do everything you need to comply with the new handbook.

Most importantly, by employing us, you can focus on continuing to run your business whilst resting securely in the knowledge that you are in safe hands.

Employ the biggest and the best third party compliance outfit in Guernsey. Employ the Active Optimus Group.

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