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MiFID Compliance Support Malta


As part of the EU’s ongoing efforts to bring the continent’s financial professionals into uniform compliance, there has been a very recent directive introduced. In January 2018, the second version of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) came into effect, and all financial firms within the European Economic Area are now required to meet new standards.

What is the MiFID?

The MiFID is a Directive that aims to improve the functioning, transparency, and strength of the financial sector in the EU. The regulations apply to any investment intermediary or professional that works with clients to purchase bonds, stocks, units in collective investment schemes, and derivatives.

The MiFID has provided new guidelines on a number of industry elements. This includes market structure requirements, rules on research, product governance requirements, and new requirements for transparency.

How do we achieve MiFID compliance?

Adherence to all the emerging financial regulations in the EU is not an easy task. With the different requirements, it can be challenging to take the time to do your job. Active Optimus specialises in compliance of all kinds, keeping up-to-date on emerging trends, and finding the best ways to ensure your firm easily adheres to requirements.

When you engage AiFMD compliance support Malta at Active Optimus, you will find our solutions aim to help your firm direct the exclusive regulatory complexities, attain compliance, and guard your firm. Tough pricing, analytic data and reference data united with industry-leading expertise in the tech world offer a unified workflow integration across all fronts.

MiFID II presents new transparency requirements for everything, including ETFs, certificates, bonds, structured finance products, derivatives, and emission allowances. It also demands increased security measures, better reporting, and more care in monitoring your relationships with vendors and clients. The requirements of MiFID are very complex to understand and adhere to, even for a seasoned Compliance Officer.

Active Malta is dedicated to all things compliance, and we have a team of experts ensuring we can help your business upgrade to adhere to regulations quickly, and as easily as possible. Our compliance services include on-site visits and extensive training, setting you up for success even as regulation becomes more complex.