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The financial benefits created by the introduction of the European Union have also brought massive complications to many sectors. Several disparate and conflicting laws between regions and nations mean there is always work to be done to ensure these linked business connections do not create too much risk.

With modern technology and increasingly global business structures, the risk to personal data and privacy has never been higher. Given how closely members of the EU tend to work together, it has been important to find a way to ensure personal data is protected in a unified way, across the EU, and across the world.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created as a direct response to the changes made to how we conduct business and conduct our daily lives. The GDPR has created Union-wide rules and standards that must be adhered to as new technology is adopted, and more personal data is available and shared.

The GDPR mandates that individuals have more control over their data, who can access it, and how it will be used. Beyond this, the GDPR also legislates certain protections that all businesses must have in place if they are storing customer records. This includes regulations on how data will be stored, partitioned, and accessed. Each of these regulations is intended to help individuals maintain their privacy and control in an era of sharing data, and to prevent breaches from compromising this privacy.

Every business in the EU has a responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with the GDPR. This has been a burden on some small operations, but compliance is essential nonetheless. Those found to be outside of GDPR regulations face massive fines if they are found guilty of violating the regulations.

What makes a business GDPR compliant?

To become completely compliant with the GDPR, there are a few steps each business must take, and changes that need to be made to how data is stored, partitioned, and accessed.

Complete compliance includes ensuring every member of staff is in total understanding of the regulations, and that every business gives individuals the opportunity to control the information stored in a database.

How does my business become GDPR compliant?

GDPR compliance can be overwhelming for many businesses, particularly smaller operations without a robust IT staff. Even businesses not primarily focused on IT have some adjustments to be made if they are to fall within GDPR compliance – and luckily, Active Optimus Group Guernsey can help.

With new technologies emerging all the time, and the way we interact with our clients and customers a constantly evolving situation, GDPR compliance is also something that shifts from day-to-day. Active Optimus Group can provide your staff with the guidance they need to get in compliance, and the education they need to maintain that compliance.

GDPR can be very complicated and having an expert on your side can help you make the changes you need to without interruption to your business.

How to select a Data Protection Officer in Guernsey (DPO)?

The Data Protection Officer plays a very important advisory role. When selecting one, a company needs to balance the knowledge and experience required by a person filling the position with experience. Seniority is another factor if choosing a candidate internally.

The Data Protection Officer needs a thorough understanding of data protection laws and practices. The candidate must know and fulfill all the functions and obligatory requirements outlined in the GDPR.

Outsourcing is often a good choice when filling a DPO vacancy. Using a firm that specialises in GDPR compliance as the DPO will help ensure that all regulatory obligations are met. The company can provide internal support.

Should you choose to fill the DPO position internally, or consider hiring a expert consultancy firm to support the DPO with GDPR compliance?