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Compliance Support in Malta


If your business is struggling with compliance, you aren’t alone. With all the changes introduced in the EU, it is hard to keep the regulations straight, let alone ensure you’re I adherence. To ensure you’re operating within the law, and providing the best possible service to your clients, you may want to seek compliance support from outside professionals.

How can I get help with compliance support?

Because compliance support is such a complex topic that now covers many elements of business, you may want to reach outside of your company for assistance with Compliance Support. Active Optimus Group offers compliance support services in several fields. Our consultants are dedicated to compliance, understanding what is required, what needs to be done to get there, and challenges that may be coming next.

Active Optimus Group offers compliance support that is thorough, comprehensive, and leaves your business with a plan of action to continue to improve your adherence to Directives and regulations. Beyond offering standard achievement. Active’s obsession with compliance means you’ll always receive the benefit of the most knowledgeable representatives in the industry and will receive innovative compliance support.

Our comprehensive guides will help your business work through the task of becoming compliant, one piece at a time. We offer consultation service, on-site analysis, and support, will act as Compliance Officer within your company, and can help you work to bring in new policies and procedures to deliver your business within guidelines.

Where will I need Compliance Support?

Active Optimus Group’s Compliance and Risk Management Support services include:

  • Provision of Compliance Officers to work with your business
  • Educational support for MLRO/ Compliance Officers
  • AML and CFT Training
  • Provision of AML and Compliance Manuals
  • Maintenance and Review your AML and Compliance Manuals
  • Provision of production of Compliance Monitoring Programs
  • Provision of AML and CFT Risk Assessments
  • Enterprise Risk Assessments
  • Corporate Governance and Board reviews
  • Pre-regulatory visit health checks

No matter what business you operate, or what challenges you face, Active Optimus Group can provide a thorough analysis and guide to help ensure you are an industry leader. Don’t risk your reputation or the safety of your business. Contact Active Optimus Group to find our more about our compliance support services.