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Compliance Support in Guernsey

Compliance Support in Guernsey


The new regulations outlined by the AiFMD can be daunting for any business or AiF professional. If you feel overwhelmed by the new regulations, know you aren’t alone. You don’t need to figure out every element of compliance on your own and given the new and strict restrictions that have been put in place, it is unwise to risk your business, your reputation, and your license.

Active Optimus Group in Guernsey can make Compliance more straightforward, digestible, and possible for any AiF firm.

Who can help us with AiFMD Compliance?

Following financial regulations within the EU is more difficult than ever before. Though these regulations ultimately exist for the protection of the whole Union’s financial health, it can be quite time consuming to change operations to fall within the guidelines. Active Optimus Guernsey specialises in helping AiF managers to achieve full compliance under these confusing new regulations.

Active Optimus Group are compliance specialists, and even if you feel there is a lot of work to be done within your business, we can help to get you there. With full insight into your business, we can guide you into the new era of AiF operation.

Active Offshore’s Compliance services include a complete, on-site review of your operations and regulations. Our complete reporting and comprehensive information will identify all the steps you need to take to fall into compliance, and how to get there. Active Optimus goes beyond the bare minimum, ensuring your operation can prove without a doubt that you fall completely within regulation.

Like anything difficult, compliance can be achieved one step at a time, and Active Optimus can guide you every step of the way. Our comprehensive guide and knowledgeable experts will ensure our compliance consultation results in real changes for your business.

How does Active Optimus Group help with compliance support?

Active Optimus Guernsey is completely dedicated to ensuring our clients pass compliance. This means reviewing every part of a business operation to point to any risks and implement controls and regulations to keep your operation running safely. Active Optimus Group helps with compliance in several ways:

  • We can help guide your Compliance Officers through training and necessary changes, or even act as company Compliance Officer for smaller firms.
  • We provide complete compliance training and follow-up support for all our compliance.
  • Active Optimus can help to provide complete AML and CFT guidance and training.
  • All manuals, guidance, and paperwork needed to help your company achieve full compliance Provision of Compliance Officers to work with your business.
  • Conducting complete risk assessments on any operation, or proposed business.
  • Providing corporate governance reviews and assessments.
  • On-site compliance monitoring with follow-up support and education.

Active Optimus Group Guernsey is one of the most respected firms in compliance management. Whether you’ve had trouble with compliance before, or are acting proactively to protect your business, Active Optimus Group can help you achieve your goals cautiously, effectively, and efficiently. For AiF managers, compliance has never been more important, and it is essential all financial operations find the professional support they need to maintain compliance, their reputation, and their operation licenses.