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Compliance Monitoring Malta


The regulatory environment in the EU has changed significantly in the past few years, and more change is on the horizon. The regulatory environment is ever-changing, and you are expected to adjust to these changes as they occur.

Why is Compliance Monitoring Important?

Every business needs a well-planned, thorough, and regular compliance monitoring plan. Compliance, particularly for AiF Managers, has become a more pressing concern in the past few years. It is essential you continually monitor your practice to ensure you are meeting compliance standards, or you risk your business, your license, and your reputation.

Compliance monitoring in Malta is one of the specialities of Active Optimus Group. By being vigilant to ensure you are adhering to standards on an ongoing basis, you’ll avoid any surprising issues, and make yourself less vulnerable to fraud – internal or external.

Is Compliance Monitoring Mandatory in Malta?

In Malta, all Alternative Investment Fund managers are under the authority of the Malta Financial Services Authority. The MFSA regularly visits financial institutions for compliance audits. During this visit, the MFSA is looking to ensuring that your business is following all financial regulations.

If the MFSA finds that a business is out of compliance, or risks being out of compliance because of a lack of monitoring, the institution and employees risk losing their license to operate, and the reputation of the business may be threatened.

How Is Compliance Monitoring Done?

When you work with Active Optimus Group, we will make regular onsite visits to each branch of your business, working with all AiF license holders to ensure they are part of our analysis.

When we are onsite, AiFMD compliance support Malta at Active Optimus will pull files that represent your business at random, and review how they are handled to ensure your business is completely in compliance with the AiFMD. Our review will include monitoring practices surrounding administration, decision making, filing, risk assessment, and internal policies. As part of this compliance monitoring, Active Optimus Group will help businesses to identify their specific risks, and policies to minimise them.

Will Compliance Monitoring Ensure We Meet Industry Standards?

At Active Optimus Group, compliance is our speciality. We offer our clients an aggressive and thorough compliance monitoring system, helping to achieve expected standards no matter how significant your challenges may be. Our programme takes you through every element of compliance in a step-by-step layout that ensures you’re totally covered.
Compliance monitoring for businesses in Malta will help to ensure you can pass inspection by the MFSA and keep your business on track. Active Optimus Group will also provide a thorough report on all risks you face, making it easy for every employee, associate, and board member to easily review your adherence to compliance.