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AML Training in Guernsey

AML Training in Guernsey


With the introduction of the European Union came an increased risk of globalised crime, and the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive was introduced to ensure every business in the financial sector fell within certain guidelines to discourage fraud and identify it when it takes place. In the past, similar directives have applied only to standard financial institutions, but the Fourth AMLD now applies to all Alternative Investment Fund (AiF) professionals.

The Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AiFMD) outlines all practices that AiF Managers must adhere to, and the Fourth Anti-Money Laundering Directive falls under this legislation. There have been massive changes to AiF Managers in all parts of Europe since they have typically been a less-regulated part of the finance industry.

The AML Directive mandate that AiF Managers and businesses conduct regular reporting and compliance testing and that specific administrative internal practices be adhered to, to minimise the chances of fraud. These new requirements may be overwhelming to even the most experienced AiF professionals.

These new mandates constitute massive changes to how many AiF managers conduct their business. Luckily, Active Optimus Group Guernsey can help to guide any practice through an AML review, and then provide any necessary training to be sure that your practice stays in compliance and licensed under these new Directives.

Why does my business require AiF training?

Active Optimus Group can guide you through all aspects of an AML review. But, to ensure your business is protected from any risk of fraud or money laundering, your staff requires thorough training to maintain compliance and security all year long.

Active Optimus Group in Guernsey can provide training sessions, and the instructions your staff need to ensure they are maintaining compliance and are poised to spot fraud before it develops. Having your key staff members invested in compliance makes your business more secure and less vulnerable to problems.

What do staff learn in AML training sessions?

Money laundering is a complex problem requiring diligence from everyone to eliminate. AiF professionals and operations are required to protect themselves against obvious, intentional business fraud, and for indirect risks that can allow them to become involved in fraud by their customers and clients.

There are many risks to any financial business, and issues like poor administration procedures, lack of reporting and insight, and lack of due diligence with contacts are all ways you can be at risk. Risks can be both internal and external, and it is important to protect your business from being taken advantage of.

In an AML training session, Active Optimus Group provides insight to professionals to help them vigilantly maintain compliance and arm their staff with the knowledge they need to avoid fraud. Our training sessions will guide staff on:

  • How to properly maintain records, and what information needs to be kept on file.
  • Which reporting and benchmarking procedures are required to maintain internal control.
  • How to conduct a risk assessment of new and existing clients and policies.
  • How to maintainpolicies for compliance management.

Active Optimus Group Guernsey provides initial training and on-boarding sessions, and continued refresher courses to help your operation to minimise every type of corporate risk. Our profession is compliance, and our state-of-the-art training program will ensure your operation is always up-to-date on issues of compliance and financial security.