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AiFMD Compliance Support in Guernsey


What is the AiFMD?

The European Union issued a directive entitled the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AiFMD). The directive seeks to create standards and a method for maintaining these standards for certain funds. The funds that fall into a singular regulatory framework include all hedge funds, private equity funds, and alternative investment funds.

The AiFMD seeks to ensure accountability for these funds through the creation of an EU-wide, enforceable policy that includes risk monitoring and systematic reporting.

What is the need for the AiFMD?

Most of our mutual funds in the EU are called Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and are regulated by an existing scheme.

While most mutual funds fall under this category, there are a few non-UCITS funds that are not regulated by the existing scheme, so that is where the AiFMD comes in. The AiFMD provides an EU-wide regulatory structure to manage all the non-UCITS funds, including investment trusts, hedge funds, and real estate capital funds and ensures the same standard of practice across Europe, despite the different laws and regulations within each country.

The AiFMD offers protection to investors by regulating all the processes including the management, advertising, purchase, and sales of the funds.

What services are provided by Active Optimus Group in Guernsey?

AiF Managers working in Guernsey, and anywhere in Europe, must comply with the regulations set out by AiFMD. As specialists in risk management, compliance, and support, Active Optimus Group can help AiF Managers and their businesses to comply with all the regulations.

There are many standards set for risk monitoring and reporting, remuneration policies, marketing and more, and it can be hard for AiF managers to keep up with all the new information and policies. This is Active Optimus Group’s specialty; we work directly with self-managed funds and schemes.

Team at Active Optimus analyses each part of your business, from your policies to your administration, ensuring that everything is reported accurately and there are no breaches of policy. As an AiF, your licence to act does give you access to some compliance support, but most of the work is each manager’s responsibility.

How can Active Optimus Group help you?

We work with some of the top, most forward-thinking fund managers in the EU and are always up-to-date with what is happening, so we can use our knowledge to help our clients.

How can AiFMD compliance support Guernsey at Active Optimus help your business?

  • We can act as Compliance Officer or provide consultation services and support for your compliance team.
  • We can advise on the best processes to ensure your business complies and is always keeping up-to-date.
  • At Active Optimus, we are experts in Cyber Risk Management and preparing for audits or regulatory visits. We can provide you with support and advice, ensuring you are always prepared.

Using Active Optimus will not only ensure your business complies, but we will help you to run your business more efficiently. Our team of specialists will guarantee full AiFMD compliance in Guernsey and help your business operate responsibly and effectively. Give us a call today.